I'm back, baby!

After just over a year of absence, I fire up the old Livejournal again.

Thanks to welshmalign, and something of a night on the beer, I feel that my first day at work (Just a bit of security work for HMV.) ought to start off like a giggle.

It was probably a little irresponsible, and I probably shouldn't have stayed up this late. On the other hand, I'll pay for it anyway, so what the hell!

I'll catch people up on what I've done in my absence soon enough, but for the moment I'll just say "It's good to be back!"

An update. Testing a few ideas.

I have decided I'm gonna have to pitch this idea to ITV. It's gotta have better ratings than any TV show they can come up with, if the current selection is anything to go by:

"Yeah, so I'm gonna wangslap celebrities with household objects, while on a near-lethal combination of cocaine and LSD…

You know, like Russell Brand, but funny.

...and then people can phone in to vote as to which public figure currently in the news needs a wangslapping. When is my advance, bitches?"

Well that was certainly interesting.

Myself and spiralweaver were on the tube when THIS happened. The "runaway car" was right behind us, and we were all moved to the front of the train.

Given my mental state, I was totally unfazed.

Funny how that happens.

The rest of the day was a little stressy, but ended up for the best.

Am DJing a Slimes pre-party tomorrow, followed by a Deathboy rehearsal on Sunday. I've also got a meeting on monday to arrange writing some walkthroughs for green_dreads' Ealing Legal project. I've heard the head of the project is a bit special, so must remember not to giggle.

Acquiring the fire

Today Phil(who *is* Ultra Jesus), Stephan and I have been discussing shudo*, its logical puzzle game, involving young boys, Shudoku, and the possibility of Holocaust: The Musical.

We may be going to hell.

*by "generations", they mean "buttsecks".

Should I mix this?

Combichrist - all pain is gone
Faderhead - acquire the fire
alter der ruine - relax and ride it
Modulate - skullfuck
Cubanate - barbarossa
Far East Ghost - End Of Machine Age
Armageddon Project - Righteous Infliction Of Retribution
Hamunaptra - Soul Entrapment
Operation Mindfuck - VAC vs Lab 4 vs Frankie Boyle.
Ultraviolence - adultery
Prodigy - (No good)
ATR - Delete Yourself

Part 2

DOA - Brooklyn Mob
Terrorfakt - Reign In Blood
Combichrist - sex, drugs and industrial
Shaolyn - Face Down
Static-X - Shadow Zone
The Last Dance - oops, I did it again
Johnny Violent - E Heads Must Die
Mistabishi - Printer Jam
Needle Sharing - Clicks Per Second
Deathboy - Safety In Numbness

Ladies and Gentlemen?

Neal Stephenson was right! (ganked from green_dreads)

I know the Daily Fail gets a little hysterical sometimes, but this one takes the biscuit tin.

I-Dosing: How teenagers are getting 'digitally high' from music they download from internet


What. The. Fuck?

In the interests of SCIENCE, Stephan and I tested this, to see if there was any tangible effect.

Results were disappointing. Much of the music we found (via Youtube, to ensure our findings tallied with those presented in the Daily Fail) were aesthetically pleasing, although failed to elicit the Fail's predicted outcome.

As I said. disappointing.

In fact, quite a lot of this "I-dosing" music seems to bear a striking resemblance to either early industrial music (Fig. 1) or That Dance music (Fig. 2)

Listen to the following tracks through headphones, see whether they cause any drug-like symptoms. Also, if anyone can come up with some good image macros for the pics in the Daily Fail article, be sure to suggest them.

Collapse )

Besides, this can't be true, it's not on wikipedia.

Time to go get some Cake, some triple-sod and some yellow bentines, methinks.
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Yes, broken!

Yeah, it's totally like that.

As Farcebook has been warned, I'm making a summery set.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Also, needs moar desu. No exceptions.

I wish I had something constructive to post, but at the moment, I'm so drained, I can't.